Small Silences

the sound
as petals fall on moss
— silence

Small Silences, a quiet poetry collection by Ando.

To be published Autumn / Winter 2017. 

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The Quiet Letters

Be like an ocean.
Silent, deep, and moving.

The Quiet Letters: Vol. 1, a collection of spontaneously written letters, delivered quietly to inboxes around the world in 2015/2016.

To be published Winter 2017 / 2018. 

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The Forest

A solitary white cloud, walking in the forest alone.
Trees softly whisper sutras as I pass through.

The Forest is a haiku memoir, in the tradition of Japanese haiku novels. A lay Zen monk's forest life, stumbling along the path, meeting monks, mystics and masters, mountains, rivers and forests.

To be published Winter 2018. 

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